Sunday, February 14, 2016

Finding a tribe {touch rugby}

This weekend Annie and I got to hang out at Hagley Park
with some good friends of ours and watch Touch Rugby.
Now before this weekend Annie had never been
to any kind of sporting event
and I had never seen Touch Rugby.

It was a lot like being in a foreign country.
They spoke a different language,
had strange customs, different rules and all they knew each other.

For the first time ever, I saw some of the good things about playing sport.
They all had each other's backs,
they were working together to achieve a common goal.

They were super passionate too.
It was amazing. Even in the blazing hot sun
they were cheering their team on.

Annie and I had a blast watching them,
I mean watching the sport.

 Annie and I like it a lot.
We didn't really know what was going on
but it seemed like a lot of fun.

It seemed to me that if you are in a team
it is kinda like you have your own tribe to do things with.

I'm going to find a tribe for Annie to join
when we move house.


  1. Finding a tribe is good :-)
    Hope you guys are doing okay after the recent and ongoing excitement.


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