Saturday, March 12, 2016

Annie is brave

After weeks of feverish activity,
it feels weird being able to sit down and do nothing.

I forgot to bring knitting needles (although I have a ball of wool)
and I accidentally packed my books to read
(along with James' bond money)
in a carton that went to the storage unit. #epicfail

I'm still feeling pretty knackered to be honest
(three naps yesterday)
so it is good to be able to just hang with Annie wherever she wants to be.

Turns out this is a good thing,
because Miss Annie is finding the transition away from Earl Street
and all her friends, really really hard.

There have been tears.
She wants Archie to come out here and play.

Also the scale of both the house and the property is scary
to someone who is used to hearing someone breathe from the next room!
It seems a long way away from mama
if you venture upstairs to the bedroom,
or far far away to the playhouse at the edge of the garden.

Annie is being very brave.
We are having lots (and lots) of cuddles.
There have been treats (like watching TV).
There are lovely cousins to talk to and follow about.

And in every spare moment,
she draws pictures of houses,
both where we are and where she hopes we will go.

Turns out transition is hard,
no matter how old you are.

Lucky there is always cuddles
and icecream.


  1. Things will improve quickly for our Annie once you are in a home of your own again. We moved often, as little ones they usually adapted quickly, making new friends and finding their way at new schools. They especially found opening all the boxes with their toys in them entertaining! It was almost like Christmas. The older children, the 13-16 year olds didn't much enjoy moving and let us know long after we were settled. I'm so glad to hear that you are resting-moving is exhausting!

  2. Oh my , i can imagine how painful this all is for you and the children. I wish you lots of strength.
    Hugs from France

  3. oohhh darling, I cant tell you how inspiring and wonderful you are.. I am on the WestCoast now as you know and i totally understand the transition thing..our children our resiliant little creatures, and new adventures are fun especially with loves hugs and icecream...xxxxx

  4. My parents separated when I was just a little older than Annie and it was tough. But I know that having you as her Mum, with all those cuddles and treats and love and understanding, will make all the difference for Annie. Much love to you both. xx


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