Friday, March 4, 2016

having faith in the process

I'm sick with a cold and a fever,
I'm tired and worn out
and I've almost finished packing my house and sorting the garage.

I'm at the point where I am asking myself,
why the heck I'm doing this.

We move out of our house this week,
and our belongings are all going into storage.
The children and I are not completely homeless,
we are going to stay with family until we can find a new house.

We are having issues with getting the finance sorted
and it's out of my hands right now.

It's so hard to just let the process happen.
To wait patiently for the new chapter of our lives to arrive,
to be peaceful in the midst of all this turmoil.

I do know that we will end up with a good house,
just right for us.
And I know that all the snarls will sort themselves out
for the finance.

I do even believe that my job situation will get sorted.

It's just so difficult the waiting. Waiting waiting waiting.
Letting the process happen, it's so hard not to fight against it.

Actually I don't know what's harder,
taking that first step to make changes,
or enduring all the difficulties that the process of change brings.

Either way, you have to have hope
that everything will work out and it will be better in the end.


  1. Argh!
    Sending you mojo for having finances and housing sort themselves out quickly and you getting a new place to make lovely.

  2. blurghhhhh.... house hunting is SO much fun when you don't need to find a house but really not much fun when you do. xxxx love love love xxxxx

  3. I hope that all of this will turn out well. I hope you and your children will have a new home and you will be well physically and in your heart. Such Beautiful quilts folded up to go with you I hope. Take care and God Bless, from Iowa, USA.


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  5. Waiting is not a easy wishes.

  6. i needed to read this tonight, deb. you have no idea. we are going through a very similar thing! love you :) Lora

  7. i needed to read this tonight, deb. you have no idea. we are going through a very similar thing! love you :) Lora

  8. Much love Deb xxx Loving you from Auckland doesn't seem merely enough right now but know that I am here for you always


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