Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Over the past three years I have become friends with Rob,
he is the husband of my good friend Michelle who I met at uni.

Getting to know Rob has changed how I think about soldiers.
In my mind, I defined soldiers by what they did
(peacekeeping, helping out after natural disasters,
border patrol and war).

But what I have learned from watching Rob
and seeing him interact with his family
and listening to him talk about his work...
is that being a soldier is not just a job, it is a life.
A soldier is not just someone who wears a uniform.

A soldier is someone who is committed to staying fit and healthy.
A soldier is is constantly learning and constantly teaching others.
A soldier knows where they fit in the scheme of things.
A soldier can give orders and follow orders.

A soldier is someone who makes plans or follows plans.
A soldier is someone who notices things around them
and knows what should be done about it.
A soldier is a well trained human being.

So this ANZAC day when I get up at dawn
and listen to the bugle play.

I'm thankful not just for those who have gone before
but for those who every day work hard at their craft
to be the best that they can be.

Thanks Rob.
I appreciate all that you do.

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