Monday, May 23, 2016

People with great passion can make the impossible happen....

I've written a few times about the Exchange where I work.
It's a lovely space, half cafe and half shared workspace.
I absolutely love working here and the people that share our space.
It feels like a privilege to be part of a place
where people are working do hard at their dreams
rather than financial gain.

Aliesha is the chef at the Exchange.
Aliesha has an amazing attitude which shines through everything she does.
She keeps an eye on every single detail of what happens at the cafe.
She flits about the cafe, checking up on people
and filling their water glasses.

Aliesha works harder than any person I know.
She can make something out of nothing.
I ate a salad once that consisted of cabbage, carrot and seeds
and it was the nicest thing I've eaten in forever.

There is something so different about seeing someone 
who is genuinely passionate about their work.
It flavours their attitude to everything that they do.
And it inspires you to be the best that you can as well.

You can't really stagger into work after morning school drop off
and roll your eyes at starting work for the day
when Aliesha has been there since before the day begun
and greets you with a smile and the smell of fresh baking.
People with passion inject enthusiasm into your day.

Aliesha, keep doing what you are doing so well.
We love you (and your food) xoxox


  1. beautiful tribute - I need to come in for a cafe date!

  2. Aliesha does work so so hard - always so attentively, too!

  3. The cafe sounds very tempting. Wish I lived nearer so I could try it out!

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