Monday, May 9, 2016

Seeing the world through Preston's eyes....

As I have mentioned before both here and on Instagram,
I share a space at the Exchange in Christchurch.
It is a large, light space, half cafe and half shared work space.

I absolutely love it. It feels good coming here to work.
I love that we all like each other.
We are all working on our individual projects
but it is good just to have other people around you also working on projects.

Sometimes we all work away quietly as individuals
and sometimes we have a laugh and a chat as a group.

There's a good vibe here.

Recently Preston joined the Exchange as the Operator
(in other words the guy who knows how to operate all the stuff
including the heater).

He's from America and full of enthusiasm and joy.

Sometimes I wonder what Preston thinks as he watches us at work.
None of us are making our fortunes yet {apart from maybe Liam}
all of us are pretty much scrabbling around to earn enough money to make ends meet.
There was a bit of a laugh the other day
about how we are all running not-for-profit organisations!

Preston comes from a country which has everything,
from a city full of inspiration and art in North Carolina.

To the Exchange. 
Where passionate, but poor people
are creating stuff with their bare hands and rescued materials.

I sometimes think that we are giving Preston a skewed view
of what we do here. Really we are not representative of corporate
New Zealand!! or even probably of running small businesses in New Zealand.

But then I thought, perhaps it doesn't matter.
Preston is getting to see people everyday,
who have sacrificed financial stability to follow their dreams.

It's probably not a bad thing to see the world through Preston's eyes right now.

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