Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've been thinking a lot about working with others,
maybe because I share a place at the Exchange, where there
is an atmosphere of collaboration and encouragement.

One of the thing about being in business is that 
you are constantly looking for someone else to sell your product to,
work with, promote your service or what ever your business is.

Imagine a marketplace where instead of competition,
we had collaboration.
Where we could support and encourage each other
and not feel threatened that we are going to take work off each other.

Imagine a marketplace where the needs of the customer
was paramount and finding a good fit for their requirements.

I've been in business for a long time really.
And even though for 22 years I was in an industry where the competition
was high. I never felt threatened by another company.
Because I firmly believe that there is enough work for all of us.

This year I have been really lucky to be part of a 
business networking group. 
I have been in quite a few networking groups over the years
but the group at BNI Strive are by far the best bunch of folk to share life with.

I think that even if you are in exactly the same business as your neighbour,
you all have a different reason for doing it,
your passion and drive and your abilities are different,
your personality and your back grounds are different.

This is what makes your business unique to your neighbours.

This is one of the reasons why I'm enjoying BNI,
because we are not in competition,
but working together to help each other grow better businesses.
The motto for BNI is "Givers Gain".

Now if we can just take that philosophy through to the rest of our lives!!

(This post is a collaboration between my son Reuben and I,
he took these awesome photos and allowed me to use them
if I buy him breakfast tomorrow at BNI)

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  1. I never received satisfaction from being in a networking group.I was involved is several. I did visit our BNI group seem by far the most sincerely group of people want to help each other. But I was so expensive, I was unable join Net Networking is great in theory, but it seem most don't really know what it means.
    The artwork and photography were great by the way. I would say worth a nice breakfast.


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