Sunday, June 19, 2016

That awkward moment when someone asks you to tell more about yourself, and you're like... oh God, who am I?

I'm in the process of figuring out my employment situation.
I've been contracting now for a few months
but I'm looking at my options. 

It's the old scenario that the pain has to get bad enough for you to 
actually take the leap and change something.

For me, I would rather earn a smaller amount of regular money,
and occasional larger amounts. It's easier to budget that way.
And frankly, contracting is really just a collection of small amounts
that turn up on an irregular basis. 

Applying for jobs is so tricky.
You read the application and think, hmmm I can do all of that,
so you send off your application and it turns out
that about 25 other people also could do that
or do it better.

One of the things about life experience
(aka getting old)
is that you can kinda figure out what you are good at and what you aren't.

So for example, I know that I am good at ideas,
and I am good at getting stuck into a project and getting it done
(preferably by myself).

I am good at listening to people and getting them to talk.

I'm pretty horrible at things like filing
and emptying rubbish bins and taking the coffee cups back to the kitchen.
I'm not so great at data entry (just because it's boring as hell,
not because I can't do it)
and working in a place where everyone is grumpy and stressed
doesn't really work for me either.

Finding the right job and being a good, present mum
is a pretty difficult balancing act. I'm not sure how that is all going to pan out.
But I do know that something good will eventually come up,
that I will find a job with a good amount of hours,
that I can fully engage in and feel like I'm contributing to the greater good.

Watch this space!
cause I am watching it too :)


  1. and then comes that day when you are introduced to someone and then ignored because they know that you're "only a stay at home mum" and can't possibly have anything interesting to say. ... this has been happening to me lately but I told myself (after a few tears) that they don't deserve to know me so stuff them!

  2. Also... let it be said that you are actually brilliant at many things - not just good at them. I think for some people the self-promotion aspect really comes up hard against long held beliefs that they are actually pretty average and that can really come across in CVs and interviews. My mama is like this - she's incredible but she's not great at tooting her horn (I suspect you may be the same my humble and brilliant friend!) x

  3. Praying that your near perfect job comes soon.

  4. Good Luck. I am job hunting at the moment and have found out that for every job I apply for there are at least 50 others applying for it too. I'm getting better at 'self promoting' and not so nervous at the interviews I manage to get. You just have to hang in there and eventually the perfect job will be yours.

  5. When I divorced my first husband I was not able to answer the question if someone asked me to tell them about myself. After spending some time on my own I finally had some answers but it seems I have regressed and am back to not knowing who I am or what I want to do with my life.

    You will find your job. You will. ;-)


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