Sunday, June 26, 2016

Whoever said that money doesn't make you happy, clearly never had to balance a budget!

Honestly figuring out how to earn a living sucks doesn't it?
Sometimes I think that I don't want to be a grownup anymore, 
it's not nearly as much fun as it was supposed to be.
But then luckily there is a weekend at the end of each week.

A chance to catch up on the 101 chores that need doing
and to catch up on sleep and plan for the weekend ahead.

I spent the weekend cleaning and tidying the house,
doing all the washing and putting clean sheets on the beds.
I baked cookies and made lasagna for dinner.
I cleaned the stove and did all the dishes. 

I entertained a very cute little boy while his mama was busy
and we made pizza for dinner and pancakes for breakfast.
I sewed up the hole under one of the panda's arms
and I sewed the binding down on a quilt.
I hung a few pictures on the wall and did the grocery shopping.

I went for a couple of walks in the fresh air
and I had a drink with a friend.
I started a scrap quilt for a little boy made from his dad's army uniforms.
All in all a productive weekend.
It was just what I needed really. Simple tasks that I could achieve
rather than stressing about the things that I cannot change right now.

The nice thing about Monday's is that its a fresh start.
Each week is a chance to make a difference,
to make good choices,
to make plans and to follow through with them.

Being a grown-up might not be a load of fun,
but luckily its more a process than a checklist of achievements.

This week I'm going to keep on working at being a grown up.
#icandohardthings #thistoowillpass 


  1. Hi from France ! Congrats for all the things you've achieved this week-end! I agree with you; being a grown-up is not always a load of fun, but anyway I prefer my situation now (I am quite 54 years old) than before. I wish you a nice week

  2. Wow, what a lot of things you squeezed into your weekend! I am very impressed. Some nice sewing things amongst the chores, all good.

  3. I often think that grownup stuff is hard. Because it bloody is. Throw work kids study house etc etc etc into the mix and all that other stuff like in you case- an ex husband and single parenting and in my case bloody earthquake insurance company house crap.... then it's all about juggling. You mean you find it hard too?... here I was thinking you had it all sorted out :-) hugs to you inspirational mama. [Enter.... secret super-mum handshake or fist bump] see you soon x

  4. Adulting is hard, balancing the budget for most of us is also hard. Money may not bring happiness, but it does give choice. You can choose healthier foods, to be able to go out on road trips with the kids, maybe to have a dog; no money tends to result in less choice on these things.

  5. I say we take a vote and go back to childhood!

  6. You make the most of the weekend for sure! No lying about with a cool hankie to your forehead! I want to tell you again that I admire you and I am sending best wishes for your happiness.

  7. I am so with you on this. I also agree on your statement. Only those with enough money that it does not cause stress when a bill comes in can say that. Budgeting is hard, my car needing extras or even an oil change used to stress me so much. I get it


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