Monday, July 4, 2016

17 things I have learnt about being a single parent....

Over the last 18 months I've been solo parenting with varying amounts of success.
Here's a few things that I have learnt.....

1. The best place to cry is the bath. No one will disturb you there.
2. Everyone has to help. A list you can cross off makes it seem more like fun.
3. Even the smallest budget needs to have room for treats
(a $1 frozen coke from McDonalds counts as a treat)

4. No matter how bleak life seems,
you have to make plans for good things.

5. Take responsibility for where you are at.
Believe in yourself, back yourself.
6. Make sure you schedule all the things that need doing,
don't just fit them in here and there.

7. A tidy house will make everyone feel better.
8. Even a tidy house needs a couple of places where you can be messy.
9. You cannot under estimate how much sleep you need.

10. You have to take time to do things that restore your soul.
11. You must make sure you talk to someone every day, 
don't be a complete hermit.
12. Remind yourself every now and again you are doing a good job.
13. You will screw up, its is ok. Tomorrow is another day.
14. Actually it is ok to ask for help.

15. Remember to take your meds, put on face cream and drink water.
Feeling shit about yourself won't help anyone.
16. Figure out how to like yourself. How can you expect anyone else to like you
if you really hate who you are?

17. Most of all, remember #icandohardthings #thistoowillpass


  1. All true! Although, I wonder about number 1. My children would just stand outside the door and say "Mom" over and over again!

  2. I'm holding onto number 17! Xx

  3. Deb, you should write a book. You should make a book full of these lists, quotes, the odd recipe, a colouring page here or there, stupid things, how to fix things etc -- I'd so buy your book but until you become a best seller, I'll just have to keep checking in on you here!

  4. Hi from France Deb! Your list is perfect for me even if I am not a single parent . I am addict to your number 8 : my messy corner is like breathing , it's vital. Have a nice day

  5. Love this list. It's beautiful and vulnerable and real. Thanks for sharing xx
    Sidenote: I am loving your hair!

  6. Sleep - yes please. I often treat myself to a nap in the weekends! :-) Love you Deb x

  7. All sound good points. Your tidy house is amazing! Keep on going on - you're making a great job of it!

  8. I did many years as a single parent and all of these are true.

  9. Yes to all, I had many crying sessions in the bath when I was parenting solo with my four! There is one or two more things to add to the list......nice coffee & Chocolate!

  10. fantastic and really realistic message.

  11. All those things apply to everyone. Hang in there. Spent alot of time weeping in the bathroom when my children were toddlers (4 kids within 6 years)


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