Wednesday, July 27, 2016

If Cabin pressure is lost, put your own oxygen mask on first....

The Exchange

A couple of weeks ago I pulled all the muscles in my right shoulder
and I've been walking about like the hunchback of notre dame for days now.
I'm good once the panadol, codene and ibuprofen kicks in but that takes a while.

It's made me realise that I have a lot of responsibilities
and I really have to look after me first (duh).

Half finished quilt I'm working on

You know that thing on the airplane where they tell you to put the mask
on yourself first? Yeah that.
Because I am responsible for my kids and to pay all the bills
and to my employers. 

And if I'm functioning below par, then this is not a good thing,
there is no one that can step in and take my place.

Fancy water bottle $6 from Kmart

I know that I've probably talked about this before, 
but it's one of those things you have to keep reminding each other about.

And there's nothing like some chronic pain to remind you
that it's time to make some changes.
Here's some things I have been doing,
maybe you need to do them too?

Give me all the drugs

1. Drink more water. (I got a nice water bottle from Kmart)
2. Make sure there is some fun stuff in my life.
3. Finish off some projects that I wanted to have done.
4. Take my painkillers regularly. (I forgot yesterday and I'm dying today)

Two minute noodles are still food, ok.

5. Eat healthy food regularly.
6. Get more sleep.
7. Reassess the way I'm earning a living 
8. Get some exercise every day.
9. If something is broken, don't ignore it, fix it.
10. Ask for help.

I guarantee I'll have this conversation with myself again
sometime in the future,
but in the meantime, I've got my oxygen mask on!


  1. Hi Deb I definitely think the most important thing on your list is exercise, even just a 10 minute walk can free your mind xxx

  2. Yep, you need to look after you!
    Did you know that two minute noodles are not a big Thing in the States? Ramen noodles are in some quarters but people are more likely to make mac and cheese from a box than do two minute noodles.


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