Saturday, July 30, 2016

sometimes you let things go and other times you keep right on working on them

I found this unfinished quilt at the opshop recently
it's beautiful and retro and kinda an odd shape. I fully intended to
take the papers out, sew it to a big piece of fabric and call it done.

Let's face it, I've become kind of a pro and finishing things off.

But then I looked in the bag and realised there is actually enough pieces to finish it.
I would just need to add a bit of colour,
and there's no rush, I could quietly work away at it
and slowly finish it off.

So I folded it back up, put all the little papers in a container
and put it in the corner of the living room.
I'll keep my eyes open for some fabrics and finish it off.

You don't have to finish everything off right away,
some things take a lot longer and are sweeter for the time it takes.

Fast projects are awesome, but slow projects are good too.
You know things that you pull out and work on every now and again.
No deadline, just a something growing over time.

You go through stages where you want to give up,
where it all seems to be taking too long with too little results,
but if you hang in there, success of often just around the corner.

Exactly like my life right now.
A work in progress.
As I make peace with being who I am
and what I want from it.

 I'm not aiming for perfection,
I'm aiming to be a continual work in progress
until the day I die.


  1. Current feels.....that sounds like my home....i know i should be incredibly grateful....which i am mostly, but im struggling to be okay living without my own living room, kitchen sink or any bathroom sinks and a mudsite surrounding it, with a MIL who has dementia and it's hard to see her deal with it too...I know each step I will saviour and be over the moon once we have it....a silly moan in the bigger picture because atleast it's water tight and we have a house to call a home.....Thanks for your thoughts on life xxx

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  3. great find! yes the fast finishes are awesome but there is something to be said for the ones that take time.

  4. The op shop find is lovely, and just right for being on hand when you feel like putting in a few stitches. Very therapeutic and soothing. We are all Works in Progress. I feel that more and more as the stream of birthdays come around!


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