Thursday, August 25, 2016

Don't settle for comfortable....

Recently I asked a dear friend if they were happy, and they told me they were comfortable! I felt so sad for them because I believe they are short changing themselves. Life is so much more than comfortable. There is so much possibility for us outside of our comfort zones. I'm going to lie, the last two years have been far from comfortable and also far far away from any kind of comfort zone.

Yes I am single, yes my kids live between two houses, yes my budget is f***** but I am loving being responsible for my life. I love that I make myself do things that scare me.

Every time I face a problem head on, I learn a little bit more. Yes I make mistakes, but I pick myself up and carry on. Yes I'm lonely sometimes, but it is making me be more of a social creature!

The thing is that when I was living in my comfort zone, the thought of changing it was crippling. I didn't think I would survive the upheaval to our lives. I did not know how it would be possible to be happy. But it turns out that turning your life upside down, while not fun, is really worth it in the end. I think it is always a good decision to decide to grow in whatever area of your life you feel like you want to.

whether it is your house (why don't you shift?) your relationship (can you fix it? or change it) your education (you are never too old) your fitness (baby steps) you have the power to make the decisions to change it. You just have to be brave enough to actually do it.

Annie drew this picture of a little girl thinking about going to the stars. I now have it as a tattoo because I want to remind myself to keep doing things that scare me, to reach for what seems unattainable and to not settle for just being comfortable!!


  1. all so very true, I became a widow 28+ months ago at 56, never thought that would happen at that age, and was so sad yet at this moment I am learning who I am by myself. I was married all my adult life and was blessed for it, but circumstances have pressed me into other ways of looking at things. I am lonely sometimes and as you said it has pushed you to be more social. the one thing I can say about someone saying they are comfortable, what a certain word means to you it may not mean the same thing to her. She might be happy and that is the word she used. Take care , from Iowa, USA

  2. I have a tattoo that is a celtic symbol for courage, when I'm about to wimp out on something a glance at it reminds me to "Be Brave." A widow for six years now I think I am finally finding the person I am now. Blessed Be. "Be Brave"

  3. You are correct. Comfortable means one has stopped trying to find new adventures and experiences in life. I stagnated comfortably for 5 years because I was too scared to break free from where I was and the relationship I was in. I didn't do this until it threatened my health with hbp. Now I'm more social, which let me meet a lovely man who encourages and supports my ideas, I'm trying to gain a motorcycle licence and I'm about to move house and then start up a home business. So much has changed in 3 years and I'm happy with the new challenges and how I'm expanding my life.

  4. I think you missed your calling. You give really good advice, it struck a note with me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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