Saturday, September 24, 2016

Well this sucks {50/50 parenting. First night}

The kids have gone for the whole week, from today they are going to live half the time here
and half the time with their dad. They are sad and I am sad.
I feel pretty lost to be honest, am I still mum when I'm only a part time mum?
I've been trying to be positive about this but I'm feeling all the feelings tonight.

The house is still littered with all of their stuff,
but they are gone for the whole week.
I just can't get my head around it.

I have a bunch of good intentions about actually cooking proper food for myself.
Noodles and beans on toast probably don't constitute a complete diet.
It's just that I can't really see the point when it is just me here.

I know I'll get through this and it will be just another thing that we have
made peace with, but just for tonight, eeeek it's hard.

{insert tiny pity party here}

OK. That's that.
Let's do this thing.
Like a proper grownup. 

I don't have any alcohol,
but I do have ice cream.


  1. Very much a mum, even by yourself. I'm sure it's very hard and odd and unsettling. You can love them extra hard when they come back. Sending good thoughts and creative energy

  2. Ice cream is good!! It will be hard, enjoy the time to read, walk,be creative and pamper yourself without all the Mum stresses we allow to take over our lives.

  3. I'll have a wine on your behalf - feeling your heartpain. It's a journey right??? sigh ... :-(

  4. Even if the boys are just away at grandmas I always feel at a loss. Lots of plans to get everything done and usually I just drift and get nothing done. Must feel even more odd when it's like this though. Hugs.

  5. Very tough x Definitely Mum, always! Use that week to really honour yourself, relax, prepare, unwind and you will be ready and ever so fulfilled when your beautiful ones return again x

  6. Once a mom ... ALWAYS a mom :) God bless you, will be praying for peace in your heart. xo

  7. I can tell you that cooking for one sucks! My children are all grown up and I miss them at dinnertime the most!

  8. being a Mum sure comes with a mixed bag of emotions! Take the time to look after yourself, be a good friend to yourself.

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  10. Gah! I wish I was there to give you a hug!
    You are welcome to pop round and borrow a small boy (who absolutely adores you) any time you want!

  11. Oh gosh, the house must be so quiet -- dig out your favourite dvds, pop on your pj's and blast the house in the doof doof of your memories.

  12. I always enjoy your words. Great to see you yesterday... sorry I didn't get much time to chat... next Chef's Table hopefully!! I will bring some fabric. Ngarie

  13. It must be so difficult to have the house to yourself when the children are gone. I think one of the ways I would have to console myself would be to be grateful that their dad wants them in his life. Many dads abandon their children when a marriage ends. When you all look back on it I hope you are able to feel it was a good thing.

  14. I clearly remember my first night alone when my kids were at their dads. I cried for hours. It takes getting used to, that's for sure.


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