Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finding inspiration

Last week was one of those weeks where I let things get on top of me. Annie was at her dads and messaged or rang often missing me and I missed her too. Reuben, while lovely, spends a lot of quality time in his room as 14 year old boys do! Also it was a short week so it was kinda busy.

On Friday I went out to photograph a couple of guys in their workshop for a website. They were so inspiring. I loved seeing how they interacted, I love their dream and the story they are creating. I loved photographing in their workshop and took loads of photos.

I was completely inspired by them and by hanging out with them for an hour. I drove away feeling a hundred times better than when I arrived. Being with people who are working hard and sacrificing for their dreams is just so empowering. I think it is my favourite thing.

I have been plodding away at my own dreams for a while now. I'm working hard at these quilts for the exhibition but it's easy to loose . Talking to Bevan and Andy reminded me of why I am doing what I'm doing, and made me excited to keep plodding away at it. 

Anyway here's a few of the photos that I took (there's loads more). Bevan and Andy are making pushbikes from bamboo. It's truly amazing.


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