Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear America, I stand with you...

This morning when I woke up, it hit me again: Trump is President of the US. I feel so sick. He promises to make America great again. It's done now. We can't change it. Not that we could anyway here, only Americans could vote! (So unfair... seeing as it effects us all.) Anyway I just wanted to make a comment because I can see from my Facebook feed that lots of us are feeling devastated. 

I am guttered because it seems (from here at the bottom of the world) that someone is in power who does not respect Muslims, Immigrants, Women, Disabled, LGBTQ folk, and All People of Colour. What kind of message does this send to both those of us who fit in these groups and those people who think we are inferior. How do I explain this to my children?

But then I have been thinking though that maybe Trump will make America great again. You know how if you exercise, your muscles get stronger? well maybe having someone like Trump in power will make people really have to stand up for what is right. Maybe it will make all of us, wherever we are in the world speak out when we see injustice or inequality. This would make not only America but also the world great again. 

What say we all dust ourselves down and look around us and see how WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE? how great would that be! It looks like at least half of the people in America voted for Hilary. That's 59,595,319 Americans who believe in human rights, respect and dignity. Let's stand with them. Let's not write off America because of the 59,370,534 who voted for Trump.

So here's where I am at right now. To all my friends in America, we are disappointed, we are sad. I stand with you. I love and respect you. Let's all make America great again (and therefore the world because it effects all of us).


  1. Thank you from one who votes Blue!

  2. Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote. Since this is the second time this has happened this century, methinks it’s time to do away with the Electoral College.

    Although I did vote for Hillary and greatly dislike Trump, I believe that the deep divide in this country does exist, and no matter who would have won, half the people would be unhappy. So, I am in the unhappy half, but better me and the saner people like myself than the trigger-happy, the white extremists, the haters, etc. Most of us will not react with violence or nooses. And maybe we will stand up when we see injustices. We must continue to make this country and world a better place for marginalized people; minorities, women, immigrants, LGBT, etc. I am wary, however, and weary. God (or someone) help us!

  3. Thanks for your kind and supportive words, Deb. I am kind-of quiet politically, but must admit to feeling pretty devastated and sad this morning. I'm an itinerant teacher and today when I went to pick up a 2nd grade student, the teacher was giving a monologue about the election. I stopped to listen, and it kind of took those words directed to 2nd graders to calm me a bit. One of the things she said was that the election is over and now we have a new president elect. We have to accept the result and move forward. I worry, but need to think of ways to move forward and to support what is right and to support all people.

  4. I agree with Cathy, the Electoral college should be dissolved. It was put in place when our country was in its infancy because there was no way for communication to take place of who wanted who but that is not the case now. Even if everyone voted for one candidate, the college members do not have to vote that way. Hillary ended up with a higher percentage of the popular vote but again the electoral college overode our votes.

    I have been stunned at the rhetoric preached by this man and taken as boys will be boys in almost every instance with very little concrete policy skills displayed. You are right, over half of us voted for Hillary and hoped there would be a reasonable person in charge of our country and a woman as icing on the cake. I worry now that the rich will just get richer and the poor will get poorer from this mans' ideology. I know he has no idea of what it is to be poor or any other hindrance people have. I hope there will be enough people in place that are tolerant and insightful to keep him in check. and you are right , that is where all of us come in, to stand up for each other when abuses take place. I am trying to find something positive to think about it all, I hope he uses his business skills in a positive manner for our country. Not just for his cronies and whoever is willing to let him take advantage of them. It has been a rough year for the world politically. May God be with us. From Iowa, USA

  5. Thank you so much for acknowledging our pain. As you know, I have three daughters, two of them are LGBT. I have been up all night, and cried all I have left. So many questions, and no way to predict how this will play out. Trying to find hope, hoping the backs of the middle class are not broken in the coming four years. Hoping women's, LGBT, and minority and immigrant rights are not taken away. Hoping health insurance isn't taken away from millions. Hoping my retirement doesn't circle the drain and our economy crash. I had hoped for better, but will accept what is. To be honest I have a feeling this will be the rock bottom and we will climb our way back into a better place. I hope for my children.

    My six year old son said this morning: "I am worried about Trump, and for our country Mama." �� We talked about what it means to live in a democratic society, and that we respect all people, even if the views differ greatly from our own. *sigh. Thank you for letting me express this and knowing you understand.

  6. Thank you for your support! ...shocked in California :((( But the good news, God is still on the throne and the sun came out today. Laurie

  7. Deb, hope you get this. Hope you and yours are well and safe after these new earthquakes and aftershocks.

  8. I just wanted to say that it is difficult for everyone. A lot of people do not understand how it feels on either side. Everyone feels like a victim. Trump won not because of his character but a lot of religious groups wanted to feel like they could have their religious freedom so they voted for him. Hilary put in rules which prevented them from doing this. We don't have rules which prevent Jews and Muslims from celebrating and expressing their views on their holidays so why should Christians suffer as well? It's just another side of the story which secular society doesn't understand. There will always be upset people and happy people and so luckily everyone gets to vote. Politics is always ugly. All the best.


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