Sunday, December 18, 2016

One year at Big Boy Websites...

Last night the Big Boy Websites team went to Tom and Keri's place
for wood fired pizza and a few drinks.

Last year, Alex was building one website a week at his desk in his wardrobe
(which I nicknamed Narnia) and doing all of the sales, marketing and paperwork
all by himself.

This December we have a whole team of people all doing their bit
and building between 3-6 websites a week.
I was lucky to get a job with Alex as soon as I finished Uni
and I've been getting busier and busier as the year goes by.

The best part about all of this is that we all genuinely like each other.
I would choose all of these guys as friends.
It makes for a great work environment
and it makes going to work so much better.

I'm super proud especially of my son James,
who joined us mid year. He's been doing an on-the-job
crash course in sales and he's doing so well.
I'm proud of how he has transformed his life.

I have loved loved loved getting to know Sarah.
She's our uber talented senior designer.
She's smart and she's funny and she's a shopaholic (along with Tom).
We send each other silly jokes and we have each other's backs.

Seeing the world through Tom's eyes is a revelation.
It is so cool to see things from a different perspective.
It's difficult to be an uptight human when you are around Tom.
He's kind too. He is someone you can rely on in a tight spot.
(I know because I have).

My dream when I went to University,
was to end up with a job where I was a small part of a team.
I wanted to be someone that could be relied on
but who didn't have to do the whole job.

I can safely say that I have found that spot.
I'm beyond grateful for this awesome team.

So looking forward to seeing how 2017 goes for us.


  1. I've never met James, but from what you've shared about him, I'm proud of him, too.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful job, I think the most important part of a job is the team of people you work with, closely followed by the actual work you do.


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