Monday, February 13, 2017

To cherish what remains of the earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. {Wendell Berry}

Last week the quilts that I have spent seven months sewing were hanging at the Exchange Christchurch. It was an amazingly heartwarming experience to have so many people visit the Exchange just to see my work. I sew all by myself at my dining room table and it made me feel quietly proud to have people make the effort to go and visit my work.

When I decided to do this Exhibition all those months ago, I wanted to make a statement about waste and about using what you have. I wasn't sure if I was the only person I was talking to, but I wanted to try. Did you know that the garment industry is the second most wasteful industry in the world (after the oil industry)? 

I only brought three metres of fabric for the tops of these quilts, (i did buy some old sheets and some fabric for the binding). But if you saw the exhibition, you will know that these were large quilts. I started off with my fabric stash that fitted in a drawer and with a basket of scraps. I asked for people to give me old shirts and their orphan blocks and their scraps. I used up nearly all of my scraps and most of my fabric stash and it is a good feeling.

I sold six quilts and kept two. The rest of them have homes to go to. I think the thing I love the most about making quilts is letting them go to new homes. It makes me so happy to be sent photos of people snuggling under their quilts.

I made these quilts because I enjoy a challenge, I wanted to make a statement, I wanted to use what I had and I wanted people to think about fabric in a different way. I also wanted to make some money so that I can buy a design program and start putting the designs in my head onto paper. My dream is to eventually write a book of scrappy quilts. I'll let you know how that goes!!

I just want to say a really big thank you to all of you who made the time to come and see my work, who encouraged me as i worked on them and who spent their hard earned cash on them.

I'm so encouraged by this whole process and looking forward to making many more quilts.


  1. What a fantastic exhibition........shame it wasn't a travelling one. You did awesome, I love the concept and your results are striking and obviously popular. Well done you............good luck with the book.

  2. I would have loved to see your quilts in person. A book is a great idea, it will be fabulous!

  3. Fabulous work Deb!!! You are such an inspiration ❤️ and have incredible talent when it comes to putting together a riot of colour and pattern. I love it. And I cannot wait for your scrappy quilt book

  4. I enjoyed following the show on IG. If you write a book consider one copy sold already!!

  5. Nice work, Deb! I love the premise of it - taking other peoples' unused blocks and scraps and making do. Really glad to know the exhibition went well. Here's to your quilts!

  6. Yes a book!! That sounds like a very exciting project for you the ethos behind your exhibition....keep shining your light xxx

  7. Beautiful work, my inspiring friend x

  8. Your quilts are absolutely lovely! It's great to know that the exhibit was so successful for you, too. Using what I have is definitely something I want to explore in the upcoming year(s).


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