Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learning to be in a relationship

I mentioned recently about a certain Mr W.  He's a good man with a kind heart and I feel super lucky that we have found each other. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have the chance to get to learn to love again, to find someone else to share life with and to dream of a future with.

As far as I know there is no rule book or guidelines for this kind of journey. You just have to talk to each other (a lot) and listen to each other (a lot). I'm sure that there will be ups and downs but if we communicate with each other, we can start creating a life together.

I did not have a list of what I wanted in a guy, but one of the things that is super important to me, is that our values are similar and that my kids like him (particularly the ones who still live at home). Annie talks quite a bit about these extra people in her life that she didn't expect. I tell her that it is more people to love her. I know that Mr W and Annie do love each other which makes my heart happy. Last weekend when I was sick, they went off to Saturday football together.

However all this goes, we are hoping that we can continue to work on doing life together. The rest of your life turns out to be a long time, and it would be super cool to have someone to do it with, someone to dream of a future with and someone to grow old with. 


  1. A very hopeful and positive post with lovely photo's......happy weekend to you!

  2. love you Deb. Kindness and generosity (in terms of a way of being more than money) are 2 cornerstones of what I think makes a person good to be with. You have these in bucketloads and I hope Mr W does too because those make all the difference in my opinion.

  3. Keep talking and loving, you'll get there!


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