Sunday, July 30, 2017

Looking back (but still moving forward)

This photo came up in my memories. Beautiful Annie on her first day of kindergarten.
Sometimes I miss my old life. Not that I want to go back to that life, but I think it is ok to say that I miss the simplicity of my old life.

I miss having someone else to share parenting with,
I miss having enough money,
I miss my kiddies living in the same house all the time,
I miss having someone to go to bed with each night,
I miss my friends that I never have time to see now
because I work full time.

There's things I don't miss of course, and I love my new life,
but I think it's perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that things are different
and sometimes that makes me feel sad.

Change is painful. I guess that one day this new life will fit more comfortably
 and I'll manage it better on a day to day basis. 

Let's do this.


  1. What a beautiful photo of your daughter! Chin up this life has it's shiny lining too.........

  2. Yes. I miss all those things too. I really miss just having someone around. But when I look at how it was... I know I can't go back to that. Nope. Going forwards. Inch by inch xx

  3. All the love Deb. Did you get the drop off at work from me today?


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