Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Possibly the whingiest post ever...

Winter is hard people, isn't it? I can't be the only one. I should be writing 500 words tonight about "Exercise as Medicine" for a website because I had a couple of hours off work today for a funeral, but I just can't make myself. First of all, I'm not inspired by the concept of "Exercise as Medicine", nope, not inspired at all (don't judge me). Also I'm tired and the day has been long, I think I'll work tomorrow night.

Outside right now winter is hurling itself at the house. It's 2 degrees, but it probably feels like -6. Ugh. I'm already dreading dragging us all out the door in the morning. This winter is pulling out all the stops. I only see daylight on the weekends (i am not exaggerating) and it's really getting to me. I know it is only July but man, spring cannot come soon enough.

There has been a lot of home baking this winter. I want to know, how on earth do people eat if they can't cook? I'm so so grateful that I can. I remember spending many a Saturday afternoon baking as a teen. I wonder (with hindsight) if it drove my mum crazy? I know that I was ridiculously slow because I remember it taking hours to make apple shortcake. I must ask mum sometime, and thank her for letting me because it really helps to feed that bottomless pit which is a 15 year old boy.

Speaking of the boy, gosh parenting teens does not get any easier. I mean he's a good lad and all that, but he's a teenager. Teenagers are noisy, smelly, selfish, loud, untidy and selfish. I have yet to meet a teen who doesn't fit that criteria in some way. Sometimes you just have to have a strong drink or do some angry banging of the pots and pans to vent some of your frustration. And then other times they are just a complete delight to have around, chatty and helpful. It's like parenting roulette though, you literally never know whether you will be told to fuck off or given a hug. Sigh.

So there you have it. Winter is harsh and it makes all the little things that might not bother you normally seem like enormous obstacles. So excuse me while I hug my hot water bottle and listen to the weather beat against my house.


  1. It's sooooo hard to stay 100% motivated when it's so dreary - I feel you! Keep on pushing forward, you've got exciting things ahead xx

  2. I read "The Year of Living Dangerously" recently. Danes are very happy apparently, and they cope with their horror winters by just embracing it. Warm coats, big fluffy beanies, all worn with style. And they stay indoors a lot. With candles and blankets. Probably they're not wearing tracking dacks and no bra like the rest of us, and they probably don't put on weight with the copious amounts of comfort food and hot chocolates we have to drink to stay warm, but there you have it. Lol. Hope your winter becomes spring very soon, but if not, embrace your hygge.

  3. Teenagers! I hear you...ugh so hard! My exhaustion from the mental effort requires red wine every night and I'm not normally a drinker. I'm living one day at a time lol

  4. You didn't hear me moaning and whinging last winter. I knew it was bad when the born and bred locals started whining. I'm surprised the muttering and grumbles of discontent could not be heard in NZ. Eventually the days got longer and longer and Spring crept over the land and we saw the sun again.
    Hang in there, Deb, it will get better (as we get worse :-/).

  5. Can't you her me grumbling about the HEAT in New Zealand?! 35C today with a heat index of (105F!) I am stuck inside, same a you just standing in front of the fan or over the air conditioner vent!
    Anyway, I feel your pain!

  6. Oh but there is something special about the winter season........I think teenagers are like that world wide!

  7. I think of parenting teens like ice skating. When all is going well you think the ice is great and thick enough to go out into the middle of the lake and then suddenly you look down and with no prior warning you realize you've skated onto thin ice with the water up around your ankles, hoping and praying you wont go under!


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