Friday, August 18, 2017

Lonely is not being alone, it’s the feeling that no one cares.

It's Friday night and it's been a hard week. The Resident Teen has been super sick with the flu and I've been trying to spend as much time at home looking after him while juggling the day job. Mr W decided that maybe he would rather we were friends. Hard times.

As I was folding this pile of fabric tonight, I thought about how Alison from Cotton Factory enables us to buy nice fabric and so now I have a pile of happy that I can play with. I thought about how Rhiannon sent me encouraging messages the other night which put an end to my pity party.

I thought about how I accidentally clicked a button on my messenger app the other day and found words with friends. And how Alisa is the best person and comes up with words which I have no idea what they mean.

I remembered that I'm hanging out with Michelle tomorrow and coffee with my folks on Sunday.

I'm reminding myself of all the good people in my life. And so I might be alone, but there are people who care. Yes, it's been a hard week. My heart hurts and I've been struggling. But now it's the weekend and I have good things planned with people who care. 


  1. Hi Deb, We don't know each other, but I know this feeling. As a widow I've had to rearrange my belief system about how to meet all of my needs. It takes a village to feel like you matter. And you do! I look forward to your honest posts, and I marvel at your beautiful quilts that seem to emerge from the most unlikely sources. You matter to a lot of us out in the interwebs. And nowadays that actually is something. Be kind to yourself.

  2. Love you Deb, looking forward to lunch. I look at you and see how lovely and lovable you are so it's easy for me to forget that it is tough and lonely too. Hugs xxxx

  3. Hang in there and remind yourself you are your own best comfort for when you long for company. Hugs from the 'winterless north' xx

  4. Loneliness is hard work isn't it. You can be surrounded by people but still feel lonely, but realising you have special people in your life who allow you to make a choice about loneliness is such a blessing. Friends who know when you need space but who suddenly appear when you need them are undescribable. You aren't alone hun, you were obviously going through a "lost moment" to do with what was happening during the week. You are such a lovely woman and remember that. We may not see each other but you are thought of a lot.

  5. I have been reading you blog for a little while . I wish you were much closer and we can be company with our broken hearts . Hang in there , u matter to your kids and the need you


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