Monday, September 4, 2017

About Monday's on a Tuesday

It's another week. What is it about Mondays? we look forward to the weekend and then ugh before we know it, it's Monday. Monday is about getting things started, about working out the to-do list and being organised. 

I used to love Mondays, a fresh new week full of opportunities but somehow lately I've really grown to hate them. I think it is because my weekends are kinda full and there just isn't enough down time, you just get to the end of your to-do list and behold it's time to cook Sunday Night tea. It feels like that hamster wheel that you never get off. 

I think hating Mondays is just a symptom of where you are at with adulting. Anyway, right now for me, I think Mondays suck. 

If you want me, I'm now struggling through Tuesday. Is it spring yet??


  1. The birds are telling me it is spring, spring flowers everywhere...........I wonder how they feel about Monday's?

  2. I had monday's off on my last job. Then Tuesday became my monday feeling. I think it is returning to work day - whatever day of the week that is. Your freedom and choice is gone and you MUST be sorted and do the routine.


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