Monday, October 16, 2017


If you have been on social media at all, 
you will have seen a lot of women with a status that reads simply....

These statuses and the stories that people are sharing is hurting my heart. I feel like there is not a single woman who has not experienced some kind of sexually harassment or assault.

My story is not about the appliance man who commented on my boobs (although he did)
or the photographer who did the same. My story is not even just about growing up in an environment where women were completely under valued, and were meant to be seen and not heard.
It's not even about having a marriage arranged by a man 
who thought he could make decisions on my behalf.
All of that did happen.
 But I can recognise and deal with those things.

My #metoo story is about being a child. A child going about my day,
and having an adult man decide that I needed to be punished
because I wasn't wearing a petticoat and he could see my legs through my skirt.
I was punished with a leather strap which was an acceptable punishment at the time.

I did learn a lesson that day.
I learned that my body is something to be hidden.
I learned that men are offended by it.
I learned that it was my fault if a man had thoughts about my body.
I was 11.

I know that in the scheme of things, 
my #metoo story is not all that much.
I've read stories the last few days that make my heart bleed.

But it's my story and I'm going to own it and recognise it for what it is.
Not acceptable, no ok and most of all...



  1. Oh Deb that is SO horrendous. :-( I feel so gutted about the #metoo thing and proud too. Proud that women are being brave and that they are using their voice to spread the word that this isn't something that happens in 'bad' places... it happens in all the places and Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. I love you and I think your body is phenomenal - it belongs to one of my favourite people xxx

  2. Really really not okay. I got cat-called today. Really?

  3. I don’t agree that it’s not all that much. Sexual assault is about power and control. And that is exactly what happened.


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