Friday, December 22, 2017

With a lot of help from my friends {my Christmas miracle}

Right now I'm feeling thankful right down to the bottom of my bones.
On Thursday morning I stood in my kitchen
pondering the budget and the things left to do;
and I said to myself, I need a miracle.

But you know, miracles don't really happen to ordinary folks do they?
I shrugged and went off to meet my BNI leadership team for breakfast.

My BNI group meets every Thursday morning where we talk about our business
cheer each other on, pass referrals and have breakfast together.
I love my group and currently they have allowed me to be their president
(i didn't think they would say yes lol)

While we were having breakfast they gave me an envelope
with money and vouchers they had collected for me.
I cried. I could not believe it.
It was my Christmas Miracle.

It's a truly humbling thing to receive a gift that you absolutely cannot repay.

So this Christmas I am grateful to the person who gave me a Westfield Voucher.
It was the exact amount of what I spent at Kmart buying final gifts.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm grateful for a full tank of fuel. We can go camping this week.
I'm grateful for the grocery vouchers, they were almost exactly the amount I needed to buy the things we absolutely could not go with out (cat food, dog food, hen food etc)

One of the things on my to-do list yesterday was to pick up a ham
that i had ordered earlier in the year.
I debated whether I would or not because I couldn't really afford it
but i had ordered it, so I thought I better have some integrity.

When I went there, someone had paid for it.
I was speechless.

I'm grateful for a Christmas food parcel we received this week
the pantry look s much better.
I am also thankful for some other money we were gifted that filled the rest of the gaps.

I can promise that we have not wasted any of it but used it wisely.
It has been an amazing provision.
I can't believe it just happened for us when we really needed it.

Last Christmas I got a credit card and just put Christmas on that.
But that was a horrible idea and it was hard to pay all that back
actually it was impossible. I ended up putting it on my mortgage.
It was a hard lesson to learn and I cut up the credit card.

This Christmas I was determined to get through somehow.
I knew there would be a shortfall, but I thought I would just do what I could.
But thanks to the amazing provision I have received,
provision I never dreamed would turn up, we are having Christmas in our house.

I am more grateful than words can describe.
So much undeserved kindness.

It's a Christmas Miracle.
Merry Christmas.


  1. This makes my heart explode with joy Deb. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!!

  2. Magic! good to know you are being looked after, it's tough going being a single parent. Safe and happy Christmas wishes. xx

  3. No, I’m guessing it was very deserved kindness that came your way Deb! So deserved......

  4. waahhhh I am crying with happiness! So pleased that you were the recipient of your own Christmas miracle this year. We just never know how our generous moments might be an answer to someone's whispered prayer. xxxx Merry Christmas to one of the most generous people I know xxx

  5. so beautiful and so affirming to hear of such a lovely gift much needed exactly when it was needed! There truly are some wonderful souls in this world, aren't there? :) xoxo Happy Christmas to you all xoxo

  6. I love that so much goodness is around you. You deserve to be blessed by others.

  7. More than deserved. Wonderful people do exist! Happy holidays! :-) hugs

  8. So good to hear that kindness is out there and well recieved! You are a very very brave lady indeed.

  9. Other half has escaped from the cardio ward for xmas and we came home to find 2 huge boxes on the doorstep containing everything you could possibly need for xmas from a church miles away , the grown up kids had got us heating oil for xmas . The generosity of strangers has astounded us , it has brought a little bit of hope into a truly appalling year , maybe prayers do get answered....i hope it does for you to

  10. Awh shucks! Hoping you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2018.


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