Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It’s a good day when no one cries on the way to work...

Standards have lowered y’all. I can’t even explain how it is to just keep moving forward when it feels like I’m failing on all fronts.

I know at sometime in the future we will look back on this time and realise we got through it, but right now a lot of it sucks.

It doesn’t all suck. We are eating lots of veggies from our garden and the hens are laying well. The Resident Teen is learning to clean the house and making a good job of it. I’ve started two new quilts that will probably take all year.

Annie and I sorted all her clothes and tidied her room, it looks amazing. I’ve lost two kgs at weight watchers and gained some much better habits. I also got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so that was a kick in the butt. 

But then there are mornings like yesterday when Annie burnt her arm, forgot her togs and her breakfast, and I had to explain to her teacher why I haven’t bought stationery yet. (The Resident Teen got her two hash browns at morning tea and the day was saved.) 

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I don’t know where the village is, but it definitely takes teamwork. In my house, we are all holding each other up to get through.

This too will pass. 
No one will cried today.


  1. Deb, I'm sorry! Yay for veges, teen help, and 2 kgs down. I wish I could help, too. Xx

  2. I think everyone has the 'bad egg' days and the 'good egg' days......the bad egg days feel like a lonesome place. On those days it helps (even just a tiny bit) to focus on the good stuff. Hugs from the north xx

  3. Ah Deb, We/ve all had the really bad times so you're not alone (even though it certainly feels like it.) I know it's summer there but take a quilt wrap it around your back and across your tummy now pull tight and go Huh-Hum! you have just been hugged by me! Blessed Be!

  4. No matter how much you know that bad times pass, at the time its as if every day is endless and every little trivial problem eats a bit of your soul . It will pass you will wake up one morning and feel the sunshine .

  5. Dear Deb,
    I always think of you as such a funky, on to it Lady, and I see you are human too! A big hug and heaps of love to you.Look out for the wee gems hiding in your day.

    You are inspiring to me.


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