Thursday, May 3, 2018

Parenting: it works until it doesn't. so then you change things up

I've been parenting now for almost 25 years.
25 years.
You'd think that I would have it all together now.
Sadly I don't. It's been proved to me this week.

Anyway as a result of this, I've been reassessing my current parenting strategy
and working out what needs to change.
I've been coasting along for a while hoping it will all work out,
but then that stopped working so I had to take a deep breath and change things.

One of the things I did was join the Resident Teen to the gym.
This has been so great, that i wish I had done it years ago.
Honestly there is nothing quite like dropping your teen at the door
and knowing they are going to suffer for an hour
and you don't have to do anything.

It's feeling great.

There were also some major changes around technology time and use of phone.
Even after a few short days I can see changes and I feel bad that I didn't try them sooner.
But the thing is what you do works until it doesn't.
And then it really really doesn't.
{do not ask me how i know this}

It really doesn't matter what age or stage your kid is at,
there's always new stuff for both of you to learn.

As long as you all give each other grace to keep on learning
and to keep changing stuff.

It's probably going to be ok.

Well here's hoping anyway.


  1. no one handed us a rule book when they were born did they? Even if they did each kid is different.............good for you.

  2. Gave me a good laugh Deb, and encouragement! I I desperately needed both...

  3. "getting shit done' Think I need one of those badges too ; )

  4. Well done Deb, it isnt easy, motivating others. Cant believe it, the resident teen is at the Gym , well I hope he is enjoying it??
    And other disciplinary measures have worked as well, way to go....
    Your a great Mum Deb, Ive got to say that


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