Tuesday, March 26, 2019

One foot in front of the other

There's a popular song at the moment, with the refrain "nothing breaks like a heart". With so many heavy things going on, it's hard to keep your head above it all. There's definitely a lot of hurting hearts. The events of the last two weeks have shaken us all. There's a raised level of consciousness, even with things that should be little like the constant helicopter presence.

 It definitely takes me back to post earthquake times. Even though I know it's not the same, theres a similar feeling which just ramps up your level of anxiety. I notice that everyone is that bit closer to losing the plot than they normally would (including myself), it doesn't take much to push you over the edge.

Definitely a time for good self care. Some extra rest, some good food, being with people you love, maybe even a few treats if your budget can handle it. And a time to focus on the good things. Yes there is darkness and deep deep grief, I'm not minimising this; but we have to keep moving in our daily lives. We can notice a beautiful sunrise without it taking away from how we honour those who are grieving. We can hug our families and our friends. In fact, it could be said, that if there was any lesson to be learned, it is to hold those you love closely.

It's ok to be sad. It's ok to cry. It's ok to be hurting. Grief is a process. You never stop missing those that you have lost, but they become part of who you are, part of your story. It takes time for that to happen. Let's all be patient with each other. It's a hard hard time. But we will get through this.

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  1. thankyou Deb for those wise words ... so needed right now :)


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