Monday, April 22, 2019

I love you Cam xox

My heart is so sad tonight. One of our dear friends, Cam,  (Curlypops) is dying in Melbourne. Cam has been so full of colour and light that it hurts so much to see that light being extinguished.

In the early days of the Internet when it was all fresh and new and exciting, a lot of us started blogs.
There was a whole world out there and we could connect with it. I was living an extremely difficult life and blogging was like a light in the darkness. Finally I could find people like me. It literally changed my life.

One of the people I met was Cam. Cam was sewing the brightest of bright fabrics while waiting for a lung transplant. In 2012 I met Cam when I went to Melbourne for my brother’s wedding and I posted a photo on Instagram and she said, you are in my neighbourhood! I visited her again after her transplant bringing a quilt I made with a lot of help from Cam’s friends. (The photo with this post is of a hottie cover I made for a fundraiser that Cam organised)

I count Cam as a dear friend. Whenever we are in the same city we visit. But we keep in touch through the happenings on Instagram.

And now she is leaving us. She leaves the biggest biggest hole in our community. She is an example to us to embrace life with everything that we have. I cannot even imagine not seeing her around in our online spaces.

This afternoon I sewed a rainbow quilt, because rainbows are what I think of when I think of Cam.

Love you Cam, you will live forever in our hearts. Fly free sweet sweet friend.


  1. This is just beautiful Deb. I came to know you and your craft through Cam. She has brought so many people together. Thank you for sharing <3


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