Thursday, May 2, 2019

A celebration of life for Cam

On Sunday I was incredibly fortunate to be able to fly to Melbourne to go to Camille's (Curlypops) funeral on Monday. It truly was a celebration of her life and although there were lots of tears, there was a lot of laughter too. Cam managed to maximise the influence that her life made and that was evidenced by all the people there.

 For a lot of us, it was the first time we had actually met in real life. There were people there I have known for more than 10 years, who I have watched their children grow up, who I have laughed with and cried with; but who I have never given a hug to. That is because our friendships were begun in the early days of the blogging community. A time when we found our tribe. That's how we all knew Cam, who was our connection to each other.

So although it was sad and we will miss Cam forever, it was amazing to share the experience of grief and shed our tears together, as opposed to in our individual houses like we usually do. To give and receive hugs from people who we knew. We all did know each other. It was amazing.

 We all sat around a table drinking our coffee and talking. And then some of us pulled out our knitting or our stitching and we talked the afternoon away. I feel like this was exactly what Cam would have wanted. Even though it was a sad sad time, being together definitely did help.

 Blogging and our shared passion for making things brought us all together. You don't often get a chance to be part of a big group that all get you, that think about things like you do and that have such a shared history. I really felt like I was with my tribe. It was a very healing experience. I made two new friends too, which was awesome. We made plans to catch up again.

I'm so grateful to Cam for this gift she gave us. We will never forget her and we miss her desperately.


  1. Cam - the angel that bought you all together. What a colourful way to celebrate a vibrant women. Hugs and best wishes xoxo

    1. Yes it was so amazing. She truly made an impact on so many.

  2. It was SOOOOOOO good to finally meet you and give you (more than one!) hug.
    Cam would have totally approved of our craft-along, chats, tears, wine and laughter.
    I look forward to seeing you again, some day, in person. In the meantime, see you around the inter-webs xox

    1. I loved finally getting to hug you too. Getting to hang out was good for the soul. I love how everyone was exactly how I thought they would be (apart from the Australian accents). Definitely want to see you again soon xoxox

  3. It was a beautiful celebration Deb. Thanks for capturing this colour. Cam would have loved to see everyone theee, friends because of her. Lovely to meet you too.

    You’re right, she’s so desperately missed.


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