Sunday, November 21, 2021

A post about my garden because I love my garden

At the beginning of this year we cleared all the rubbish off our back yard
and a friend built some garden beds.
Our neighbour sourced some free bark for the paths
and helped us lay it.
Another friend sprayed the weeds.

Yet another friend gives us plants.
And Annie and I work away at keeping the weeds at a semi acceptable level
and plant as many things in our garden as we can.

Quite a lot of our stuff bolts straight off to seed
or gets infested with white fly.
But we don't care because our chickens and our neighbour's chickens
eat the greens and give us eggs.
We planted 15 fruit trees (thanks to our family and friends
who gifted us $$ to buy them)

We wanted flowers and we have flowers.
We have a beehive too which we love far more than we ever imagined we would.
We eat lots of parsley and mint and silverbeet.
We ate about 70 leeks.
We grow chives and celery successfully.
And lettuce very badly.

But mostly Annie and I just love being out in the garden.
I pull weeds for the chickens and Annie chats about her day.
It's been an absolute lifesaver this year.

It is the cottage garden of my dreams.
It is perfectly imperfect.


  1. So cheery to see all that life and colour as we slip into the bleak winter

  2. How lovely! You sound relaxed and happy! Enjoy the time spent with Annie and weeds!


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