Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Not an argument

I finished my last big assignment this week, a 7000 word research report. 
And now the words that have been wandering around in my head
are starting to collect together and here I find myself at my blog again.

Some of you know that I grew up in a cult. 
I spent my growing up years believing that our way was the right way
and everyone else was going to hell.

I spent my growing up years knowing that we were different from everyone else
and thinking that was the only way to be.

I spent my growing up years, following rules that someone else set
and believing that it was ok to be miserable in this life
because apparently heaven was going to be worth it.

But now I've been out in the big wide world for quite a while. 
Longer than I was in the closed world actually.

I've learned that life is not black and white.
I've learned that even though it is scary to live in the grey areas,
that there is so much possibility and grace there.

And now here we are living through a once in a life time event (hopefully)
a Global Pandemic.

Unprecedented times they say.

It feels a bit like the end times we used to hear about in church to be honest.
Lots of fear and plenty of misinformation.

And I think because I've been living in the wide world for a long time now,
I find I don't want to engage in that kind of fear mongering.

I'm double vaccinated and so are all my family.
I work in social services, my clients are vulnerable.

There are 101 reasons why I think it is a good idea to be vaccinated.

I'd hope if you love me and I love you,
that we can be friends. I just want everyone to be safe.

I don't have it in me to argue. I spent my growing up years doing that futilely.
Sometimes we have to realise we don't have all the answers
and do the best with the information that we have at the time.

And I can't forget all of my upbringing.
Jesus said to follow the rules of the land.
I'm pretty confident he would have been vaccinated
after all his parents went to get counted when they were told to.


  1. A beautiful piece Iris. I never knew this, how you grow up, were brought up. . Thankfully you freed yourself from the Misery. Look at you now. Awesome. . I'm pretty sure Jesus would have been vaccinated too.

  2. Getting vaccinated is a beautiful way to care for those around us and for the common good. I agree that Jesus would have got vaccinated to protect everyone around him as well... and Paul was very clear about obeying the government - no doubting his words there lol! Your sewing is inspiring me to pick up an unfinished quilt!!!

  3. I missed your writing and your beautiful photos... Please blog more!

  4. My thought in reading this is tenacity

  5. I hope you find more time to blog, I do love your words.

  6. Love you - you are such a brilliant picture of a loving life inviting others to flourish xxx


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