Friday, June 17, 2022

This and that...

It's a difficult time to be alive isn't it?
It seems like humanity as a whole is having a hard patch. 
I've pretty much stopped watching the news or reading the newspaper.
There is literally only so much I can cope with.
I'm dealing with doing the things that I can in my little corner of the world.
I work hard to make a difference where I can, that's the best I can do.

This week our kittens visited the vet for their jabs
and got a new cat tree which they are so pleased with.
We never planned on these cats but they are the best kind of therapy
for the end of a hard day. They love us more than any other cat 
that we have had. And somehow love from a kitten is the best kind of love.
They don't have an agenda, they don't talk back, they don't make trouble
these kittens just want lots of cuddles.

I've picked up some writing work and I'm loving it.
It also turns out that using your brain for something else is a good thing.
Secondary tax is actually criminal. If I was the government,
I would not make secondary tax so bad for people. 
Maybe make it for people who earn over $100K which is none of us lol.
I mean the combined income in my household would not be $100K.
But anyway money is money and I want to tile the kitchen splash backs.

I've been trying out sugar free products.
They are a mixed bag but it is nice to have a treat sometimes.
The side benefit is that if you eat too many,
you get shiny clean insides.

After a lot of thought, I dyed my hair again.
It's a great change and I feel good about it.
I loved it when it was grey and now I love it now that it is chestnut.
My hair is the only thing I can change about myself
and it's a great change.

I'm still making things here and there,
both hand stitching and machine.
It is slightly trickier because I have less space now,
but being tidy is probably good for me.

I've been missing being in this space regularly
and especially taking photos with my camera.
I've been thinking about dusting it off and getting back into it again.

Anyway here's a bit of this and that.
Here's to keeping warm this weekend 
and finding the little bits of joy in our day.



  1. Enjoyed reading your blog post! I like your hair both grey and chestnut. I also have shiny clean insides when I eat or drink anything sugar free along with a nasty headache-just not worth it! It has been extremely hot and dry here in my part of the southern USA.

  2. So glad to see you back in blogland! The news is indeed more than I can deal with, I stopped watching the news back in 2016, never was much for the newspaper. It does help, altho sometimes I get to feeling guilty for not keeping up with things-even though it is mostly stuff I can do nothing about! Stay well and Stitch on!


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