Thursday, December 4, 2008


My brain is more than a little bit overloaded at the moment and I find that making things helps to slow it down enough so that I can go to sleep at night!! Yesterday I woke up early and quilted and bound this wall hanging so that Reuben can see that Christmas is coming! I wish it didn't have Santa so LARGE (he's not a big feature of our Christmas) but I got the panel for free (thanks Fabritopia) and so it's done! Maybe if I put together a table runner and some red candles, would that be enough???

Then in the evening, I sewed the binding on this quilt. I love it - scrappy quilts are always my favourite to keep. I think this one will be for Annie Rose! I got the rocking chair off Trademe for NZ$30! David is going to paint it white and we'll put it in the baby's room once we've moved Chrissy out to the bathroom!

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