Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reuben turns seven....

We had a fire station visit with the neighbourhood whanau (thanks to Abel and Manu), everybody had fun...
Even the mums and dads! In fact David and James came home wanting to be a fireman.

David and Chrissy iced this cake.. it looks awesome... look how they separated out all the coloured pebbles!! I told David that I had made the cakes for the first 16 years, so he can do the next 16!! hehe. He's made a much nicer job of it than I would have anyhow.


  1. Happy Birthday Rueben! what a fun way to celebrate. The cake was fun and I bet some laughter took place making it. Good for Chrissy and David for doing it for you:-)

    We Have a granddaughter Savannah who turned 7 on the 20th.


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