Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving forward slowly...

Hi there, just finished the first week of my leave. I only have to work about 3 hours a day which is very do-able! I can't believe I actually managed to work for so long actually, less than 2 weeks to go now!

I've finished two UFO tops which I dropped off to Shenleigh's today. They will probably end up being presents. I've got several more UFO projects I'd like to finish in the next two weeks if I can.

Today I finished my first two blocks for the Virtual Quilting bee...

this one is for Rachel. I couldn't believe it when it came out, it was windmills, my all time worst nightmare!! I found this awesome tutorial here, which helped heaps. I hope Rachel likes it, it's not perfect AT ALL, but its as good as I can get it!! It would be mortifying though if she didn't use it!!!

This block is for Dianah, she sent batiks with very specific instructions for a Vacation house. Luckily we were allowed to swap out fabrics, so I put in some Kiwi batiks and made a "Whare" (the WH is pronounced as a F) which is Maori for house. I actually really really like how it's turned out. We call a holiday house a bach (pronounced batch) in New Zealand, so I was happy to make Dianah a kiwi one!!


  1. The blocks looks lovely. Just know I am think about you and wish well with your delivery. Give little sweet Annie a tender kiss and love from this other Annie in Utah:-)
    I blog using my ggg grandmothers name and Ann is my true middle name....
    Have a safe, easy and vey happy 'coming out' party!


  2. That is a cool house, and I think the windmills block looks just fine.

  3. First I love that you swapped out fabric for my house and made it unique to you! I will cherish it. Second you must be GREAT at photoshop because Rachel pinwheel blocks look amazing!



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