Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two more sleeps....

Till we welcome Annie-Rose into our family. Currently she's jumping around in my tummy trying to work out how to get out! I know I've had three babies before, but this time feels like a first time. It's been so different carrying her. For starters I've worked right through (and am still working!), and also our other children are so much older so the baby years are in the far distant past!!

One of the amazing things about adding to your family a little person is that you get a chance to recreate your family again. You get to do all the baby things again, all the 'firsts' and your big kids get to do it again too. It's an opportunity to create new memories in place of some that might not have been so flash!
For the last 40 weeks, I've been working hard at finishing up a whole lot of projects at work so that I can change my role when Annie-Rose comes. I've also been preparing the older children for the changes that would come, and negotiating things like new bedrooms, new schedules and the removal of some of our pets! I've been focussed on my to-do list. I had a very impressive one but I nailed it.

In the last week or so as I have cut down my hours at work, I've seen a few babies and small children with their mothers. It's struck me (I'm a slow learner) that Annie-Rose is not just another thing for me to juggle, but a wee person who will love us all. It's a long long time since we had a wee person like that in our home. One who reaches out and gives as well as takes. I think we have forgotten that is what most babies are like.
I can't wait. Two more sleeps.


  1. Bless you heart...I will be praying for you and wee Annie. Her quilt is adorable...actually they all are.

    Hugs and have a fun #coming out party!"

    Hugs, beth

  2. Yes, we are starting something NEW also. And it is my husband's retirement from being a parish priest for 30 years in one place. We are ordered by the bishop to "not set foot" in the parish (church), so we are needing to find a whole new community and placeof worship. This Holy Week will be very strange and a NEW experience for both of us.

    Please add a leaf for our new life together and the challenge of seeing what Christianity looks like now.

  3. Beth @ Aunties w/ advice sent me over to "meet" you. I found out 2-1/2 weeks ago (at 14 weeks) that I am pregnant, and I'm 43, and haven't had a child in 10 years! (after 3 negative pregnancy tests!) I will be "watching" to see how it goes for you. Best of luck.

  4. omg today is the day!!!
    i'm SO excited for yall!!!
    and i'm eagerly awaiting an email from david.


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