Friday, May 22, 2009

catching up...

A cake I made. We've been at Essence conference this weekend and they had a cake competition. the cakes will be judged today and eaten for supper tonight. This is the cake that won't win, but it will taste yummy!
The theme is "Running the Race". My cake has a tiny little dolly and a weenie teenie quilt! Oh and look the dolly has red shoes and glasses, just like me.

My fabrics for the quilt along with Dana from Old Red Barn co.

Me and Chrissy discussing Grey's Anatomy.... we're in the middle of season five here, but we heard of the cliff-hanger finish in USA... how can we wait to find out what happens. Does Izzy die... surely not, please no. We are just waiting to find out what's wrong with her here!!

Last week Reuben was obsessed about having a party... not what good reason could I have to not have a party? I actually could not think of one. So we invited all the kids in the street and had a party! It was great. Plus it felt so good doing something that made him so happy.

This little one is still just lovely lovely lovely!

blocks for Meredith. She certainly drew the short straw. When I signed up for this bee I completely underestimated how much time a baby would take up, so it seems amazing that these even got done at all!

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