Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!

My mum is 65 tomorrow... happy Birthday Mum! Here's Annie-Rose modelling Grandma's new quilt... isn't it beautiful! I so wanted to keep it but I was pretty sure mum would like it, and she did. I'm never sure whether my family get tired of me making things for them or not, but I love making things for people I love!

My mum and I have had to work on our relationship over the years, we've been through some ups and downs. One of the hard things was that we were all going through some difficult times at the same time as each other and so we had to let each other work though our own processes and then come back together as whole, restored and healed people. I enjoy hanging out with my mum and as time goes by, I get better and letting her know when I'm having a hard time and sharing those times with her.

I know that mum is always there and that's awesome. sometimes you don't have to do life all by your self.

Thanks mum, I love you xxxx


  1. It is wonderful that you and your mom are growing closer. I spent the day with my mom and kids today. It was a wonderful day!

  2. That is so great that you and your Mum are able to work through things now Deb. Happy Mothers Day for yesterday

  3. What can I say! I appreciate you so very much in your maturity, mothering and working life.
    It is a beautiful, beautiful quilt which I look at closely daily marvelling at each different square, I would not know how to begin such a work of beauty and art. I view you the same way Deb, a work of beauty and art not created in any way by me but you and God working together have come up with all that you are and will be. I marvel at the person you are.
    I love you so much
    Mum xx


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