Friday, May 1, 2009

A moment of reflection...

My everyday, pass in the street, wave at the supermarket friends don't read this blog. My inspiring, funny, helpful World Wide Web ones do!
But one of my friends does know that I have a blog and occasionally comments to me that she doesn't "know how I find all that time to write it"! Actually it doesn't take much time, but it's important time. It's about taking a few minutes in each manic day to reflect on where we are and whats going on and to just be in the moment.
Currently Annie-Rose is sick, I have mastitis (don't hug me) and all of us are feeling sleep deprived as we manage Reuben, get the big kids off to school each day, keep everybody fed, do the washing, do the washing do the washing, walk the dog... you know all the stuff a family needs to do to keep running (oh and we run two businesses from home as well!).
If I didn't take five minutes every few days to photograph and enjoy Annie-Rose...these days would disappear forever. And baby love is just too good to miss...


  1. I hope you both get well soon. She is just beautiful. Oh, makes me wish I could have another one :-)


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