Monday, June 15, 2009

The baby is sweetly sleeping....

the dog is too...

The ironing is done...the washing is drying [thanks mum xxx]

so, I can sew a little! I've sewed all my Quilt-a-long blocks into strips. Oh my goodness its, um PINK! I was planning on putting it on our bed, but I think it's a bit girly. I can make two quilts out of this I think.
Also I took a skirt with a nasty style, (who wants pleats over their tummy??) and unpicked the pleats, and hey presto, it's a wrap-a-round.


  1. What is it your adorable baby is sleeping in? Some kind of cloth cradle? It looks intriguing

  2. I agree with Renee, that hammock/sling for your daughter looks wonderful! Perhaps you could post about it??? Hope you enjoyed your sewing time.

  3. Pleats over the stomach? Hmmm...well the only thing I could think that would help would be to assist in hiding the "after baby belly" area. If it didn't do that, then there is simply no function. Good choice in ripping them out. I love the colors of your new quilt. My fiance would be very much aggrivated if I used it, though, for our room. He has already given me free reign of our decorations to an extent that I am forced to hear him moan and complain if I pick something that portrays my taste too much. haha Love it!


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