Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that...

Reuben has a disco to go to tomorrow night. On Sunday he reminded me, on monday we talked about what he wanted. On Tuesday we went to Kutwell fabrics and brought some suitable fabric. On Wednesday he "bagged and bagged me" (his words, not mine, he means beg, but it sounds so cute we don't correct him) but I was too tired! On Thursday I made a lovely brown cloak and HE HATED IT. So back to the drawing board...
I'm not sure which character from Star Wars this is, we found a costume on the internet. Gosh sometimes (briefly) I wished I lived in the US and could pop down to Target or something and buy a cool costume. Here we have a white shirt of mine with the sleeves shortened, some old white pants of mine taken in (A LOT ALOT) and a vest thing over the top, oh yes and my black boots. He's a happy wee chappy and I'm just relieved its done!
I walked past the girl's room today. I love the way the quilts look hanging on the rack and slung over the bed. I like seeing a cat happy asleep in the sun. Hmm don't love seeing the stuff lying on the floor, but having said that... I love the fact that Chrissy is sleeping inside at the moment rather than in her cold wee room outside!

This quilt is so well loved, it's been washed numerous times and tossed in the machine to dry.

Here's a peak at my Works in Progress spot (otherwise known as the ironing board). My quilt along blocks are all done. I think I may have made a mistake somewhere, my blocks are 12.5" square, not sure why, but they look amazing. I think I'll try and sew them up tomorrow morning.
On the business front, I am having 20 minute meetings with all the employees separately tomorrow. Sigh.


  1. I wish, for you, that quilting could be your "first" job! I bet you do too! It looks like you have something interesting in the works! Not to go back to my manic button thing, but have you even sewn buttons on to a quilt to "hold it together?" Maybe you machine quilt? I do all of my quilting by hand. I guess some of it is more embroidery? I don't know. I go by my own rules, which can be a little scary, but since no one ever taught me how, I just got a machine and made my own way. A lot of the quilts I have made are small, because I am intimidated by wrestling the weight of a heavier quilt, when it comes to sewing the layers together! The biggest I have made is a twin size, otherwise I just make memorial lap quilts. I even have my husband draw things on the squares that I want to quilt, because he is a great artist!

    Have I mentioned that I have a genetic rambling disorder? My mom was a rambler! I get it honest!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. The Quilt-Along from Dana? If that's the one you are doing, and it certainly looks like it, then there was a correction to the block size in the Discussions. If you are using a SIX rail Rail Fence, then the correct block size is----12.5". So you are right on target.

    I was using scraps for mine, so I didn't have the full width of the fabric. Therefore I have made five rail fences and even then I came up with my own Personal Private Measurement (as Judy Hopkins used to say). Nevertheless, it doesn't matter, as long as they are ALL the same!

  3. I'm informed that Roo is Anikan Skywalker (I've spelt that wrong I think). So cute!!

  4. The room looks so cozy. I wish my mom had been able to make me quilts. I can't tell you how much I would have cherished them now that's she's gone, but alas, I suppose I have to accept and cherish the genetic rambling disorder my sister, Momma B, was telling you about. ;)

    I guess I never realized how greatly I take advantage of my local Target store, and even more, my local Wal-Mart. It is fantastic that you can be so creative for your little ones, though.


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