Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From last weekend...

Sleeping baby!

Making chocolate cake with Reuben

Love this old kenwood. it was my mother-in-laws but she doesn't bake now!

Aunty Jo (Jo's my baby sister, she was born when I was 15, same age gap as Chrissy and Annie-Rose!

Sister love xxx


  1. You've got my sister and I beat. Our gap is only about 13 years, but it made room for a fantastic relationship. When I was little, she was my hero because she could do cartwheels and find four leaf clovers. I don't know how many cartwheels she would try doing now, but I swear she can find a four leaf clover from a mile away!

  2. Love that mixer, my Mum used to have one like that when I was a child. It's doing well to still be running.

  3. My sister is crazy! Her comment alone makes me smile! I simply can not wait for Annie Rose to get that hat! I am soooo impatient! Sorry, I only say that, because she looks soooo sweet sleeping there and it made me think about it again! Ramble, babble, ugh! Sorry, I really do that a LOT! Anyway, having your sister so much younger than you can be a real blessing! I think that we would have been in very big trouble when mom died, if we had both been so young. If that makes any sense? Also, in the name of rambling on, I love that you still find time to do special things with your other kids! That is not always easy to do!


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