Monday, June 1, 2009

Long week ends.... Long live the Queen!

We had a great long weekend (Queen's birthday), even though the weather was COLD... I worked on sum UFO's... this from four of David's old shirts that I started months ago...

It look great. And another four old shirts....

and James gets his 'manly' quilt that he's been asking for. Also a UFO and now a top ready for quilting!

A zig-zag quilt from Amanda-Jean tutorial cut out and the nine-patchs for the quilt along cut into strips. I'm quilting a little behind, but that's ok.

Also, I'm going to post again later (that would be three in one day!) with my patches from the Bee Inspired quilting. Yay! I'm catching up. Sadly I go back to work tomorrow, three days a week and have to leave this behind....


  1. She is so precious! I was waiting in line this week to return an item and a lady there and I started to talk.
    I told her I loved her haircut! She said she needed something to help her feel young because of this. She patted her tummy... I was slow on the draw and then she said she was expecting. I congratulated! She said she was trying to feel like celebrating, but still wasn't there. I told her about my firned...YOU!
    She said, but I am a grandma of two and much older than your friend! She said she was also due in October, the same week her daughter and DIL are due!!! Three babies coming at once and the grandma is ahving one of them! I thought this would make you smile!
    I would think she was around 45.
    Her youngest, a 18 year old daughter was with her...
    I am so glad you are so in love with your precious Annie! She is adorable!

  2. She will miss her momma, but I bet you will miss her even more!

  3. Oh that is sad! I don't have any yet...But I am getting married in three months and really we are biting at the bit to have children. It is a terrible thing to have to wait for! haha I am hoping I won't have to go back to work...hoping very much so...when we do finally have kids...I say finally as if it has been a long really hasn't at all. :)


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