Monday, June 15, 2009

Love me...

I looked at my blog today and behold, one of my followers has gone! Too sad... why did they go? what did I do wrong? did I offend you? No... don't go people!

Actually its kind of funny, because I've had a blog for almost three years. I've had several different titles, and three blogs. And for the largest part of that time... I was the only person who read it, oh and my mum [thanks mum xxx]. In fact after that followers thing came on blogger, for so long I had 2 followers [love you Julie] but still I was happy to mostly write for myself, mum and Julie!

After the Sew Mama Sew, I had loads of new followers, it was amazing. I felt loved!

So please don't leave me now people, its so much fun to have you around.
Does that sound too desparate??


  1. Hey Deb, I've just become your follower. I had you on my google reader anyway but just to make you feel loved I'm following.

  2. Sorry someone left!! I enjoy your blog!! I know what you mean about writing to yourself! I'm up to 12 followers now, so it's getting better! I wish I had started my blog in time to do the SMS giveaway, but I'll definitely be in next time! I know Aprronista is organizing an apron giveaway fest on July 6!! Yay! I need to make a nice apron in time to get in on that one! Keep up the great blooging!!! : )

  3. You can't complain about one person leaving you! I ONLY HAVE ONE PERSON FOLLOWING MINE!! And it's you. :)

  4. You are funny! I like it! I love the "something different about it!"

    I love the beginnings of the quilt! It is wonderful! I would put it on my bed and my husband would let me, just because I made it myself, I think he would anyway! He is not much on girly though!!!!

    Have a great day!

  5. Yay I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices things like that. I rather thought if I was a "cool" blogger I wouldn't be all "don't goooooo, come back!" when I lost someone the other day. Maybe when you get up to 5000 you don't notice the comings and goings so much :)

  6. There, I've made up your numbers again by following you through blogger instead of on my Reader :)

  7. it doesnt sound desparet.
    it may not be the end of the world but still, i understand how it gives a good feeling when someone followes you...
    and when they leave it my hert a little....
    but im following you! all the time on googel reader!
    and most times i never have the time to respond but i love your blog! and i love reading it!!

  8. haha I can just see you in desparation crying out over that one lost follower. Sorry, that was not supposed to be funny. Forget I ever said it. haha You are funny, though. It takes a lot of will power to keep a blog going when you and your mom are the only ones tuning in though. Look where all that will got you! I'm at 14 followers now because of you, and most of my followers are people I see on a regular basis. haha

    Hope you are feeling better about that lost blogger. We can't win em' all!


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