Saturday, July 11, 2009

I made some bags...

This one has been in progress since the beginning of the year!

This one Reuben gave away on his blog to Cindy from South Dakota (Cindy if you're reading this email me!!). He got amazing comments on his blog and we are going to post a whole lot of cool stuff we've learnt about places in the world. Thanks so much everybody. The blog has turned out to be a great learning tool for him.

Then I made two bags, one for Reuben and one for Annie-Rose to tie on the back of the car seat and put all their stuff in, instead of it rolling about in the back of the car. Things like wet wipes, hand gel, toys, books... you know the stuff. Of course you can put a supermarket bag on but hey doesn't this look cooler? We think so. The little kids and I are going on a long drive next week so we need to be organised.

I've also got up to date with all my Bee Inspired blocks, apart from Nettie's whose lovely blue fabric I accidentally cut wrong. I also can't find the list of everybody's addresses and had to [shame] email Rachel to ask for it. If you are reading this Nettie, I'm sorry, I just don't have the fabric yet. NZ Post is so slow :( I'm hoping I'm not going to be the first person thrown out of the group.
I can't believe how challenging the Bee Inspired blocks have been. I thought I was a proficient enough quilter until people started sending me their blocks. It's terrifying!! It seems they are all on a mission to make me face my fears. I have to say apart from Rachel's windmills, all the rest have been ok once I actually started them!! Rachel kindly put my windmills in her quilt, but I know they were a bit below par really. They are a fantastic bunch of people and its lovely to see all the amazing fabrics they choose. Now I can have almost no guilt (apart from Nettie) and enjoy watching the pictures come in!


  1. Hey Deb, how much would you charge to make and ship one of those bags? I would love to have one, if I can figure out how to swing it!

  2. I love the way you quilted the bag in the first picture! The other bags are gorgeous as well!

    Have a safe journey with your wonderful kids!

  3. oh those bags are such a great them!! thanks for following!!! i love new bloggy friends. :o) and i can not wait to go through your blog list on your sidebar...i see many that i already love and some new ones i can not wait to check out.


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