Saturday, July 4, 2009

Its the end of the day and we are all tired...

I told James on the way to cycling this morning that if he got placed, I'd take him to the Cookie Time factory to buy something. He got 14th out of 15. He was quite happy, his average speed and time was good for him. On the way home he asked if being placed second to last counted and could we go to Cookie time?? Ah, no son, that's not what I mean!

I got loads of jobs done today [apart from my taxi service duties]. The baby got bathed...The sofa and the coffee table got tidied. Although I still didn't take photos of the dolly quilts for me forth-coming Etsy shop!! They'll stay on the back of the sofa for another day (or two).
The wall unit looks amazing. It even got dusted!
And all of Annie-Rose's clothes went back to her room. I sorted all of them out and tidied the girls room, and emptied a set of drawers so Chrissy can keep some clothes in there. It looks great. Unfortuntely the cot was missing too many parts (like the mattress for example and other bits) and had a huge gap in the slats in the bottom so we're going to borrow one in the neighbourhood. I'll take some pics when its all done. I'm making quilts for the girls beds that match using my Quilt-a-long blocks.

Gosh it was great to have a tidy up, even if it took all day. Oh yes and tonight I wrote all the thank you cards to people to send us stuff when we had Annie-Rose. Yes I know she is nearly 13 weeks old [shame shame] but it's finally done! Reuben was so funny tonight, he did a foot puppet show. I drew some faces on his feet for him, but it was all his idea. We were laughing and laughing.

Oh and I got one more block done for this...


  1. Hi Deb,

    I just saw your comment from last month on the article at The Light Garden, about making sun prints

    I am in NZ too, and I got all enthused about the idea (they're beautiful). I couldn't find them on google at all, but then I checked at IQ Toys, where I've seen science-y things before, and they do have the kits in two sizes:

    I just ordered a kit for the holidays!

  2. I think the "wall unit," as you call it, is beautiful!

    The foot puppets are funny!

    James looks sad! You should have told him he could come home and MAKE cookies, even if he could not go the place to buy something (I have no idea what that place is, but...).

    And, that quilt is going to be absolutely stunning!

  3. Hello New Zealander!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I am very envious of where you live, as I passed through christchurch a few years back, and fell in love with nz.

    I'm so glad I know a blogger in nz youre the first.

    I shall have a good read of your blogs next week as I just got back from a camping trip and I'm knackered!


  5. Beautiful pictures. How are the child and the cat getting along?


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