Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Saturday Morning...

Stuff seems to have accumlated on every available surface!
Piles of papers and stuff to deal with!

All of the baby clothes seem to have migrated out to the lounge! And they all need sorting as she has grown out of the first size.
The boy is playing playstation. But I need to prise him off or he will play all day. He's had his allottment for the day already (actually probably for the week and it's only 11.30 am!)

The bubba needs a bath, and the cot assembled so she can think about sleeping in it. I've taken James to South Island Cycling Champs (via Rolleston... I got lost), Chrissy to school for the day to clean up from the production and David has gone to work because the sun is shining through the clouds. Yip there's plenty to do in the Robertson house.


  1. I love that you call the baby Bubba! We did that with our boy that is 11, and we've had a tendency to do so with this new little guy! And my home is exactly like that - stuff on every available surface - mine is almost always that way, though! I'm a big clutterer!

  2. I know how that goes, i just moved into a smaller house and now its everywhere.

  3. reading backwards! You certainly did have a go of the house cleaning yesterday! Sometimes, it's hell to be the mom, huh?!


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