Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first quilt...

I can't believe I'm actually posting a photo of this, but Camille is getting us to do a parade of first quilts. This is mine...
Someone gave me a bag of scrap fabrics, I wonder why they were all gingham? Anyway I had this metal triangle and I used it as my template. Look at my applique...

Look mum - no hands!
A Rabbit

A girl (complete with basket of flowers!)

And a wee truck with parcels on the back!
All drawn by me, hand done. I'd never seen a quilt book or pattern at this stage. I'd barely even seen a quilt. I had though, read about quilts in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I wondered to myself what a "nine-patch" was. I think I was about 19 when I made this. It kept me busy for hours!
This is the latest quilt I made, it is finished now but I haven't got a photo. I love this quilt, i think it could be my new favourite!

See practise helps!


  1. Quilts are one thing I want to try out someday but haven't yet. I'm impressed by your first, and I love the most recent one!

  2. So cool to see your first quilt...but I love your zig zag quilt. The colours are amazing. I am trying to work up the courage to post a picture of my first quilt may have given me modivation.

  3. Your first quilt looks like you took a lot of time and paid a lot of attention to detail! Very nice, even if he has no hands!!!

  4. Hi Deb ~ And you made your first quilt without any sort of pattern? You came up with all those terrific applique ideas ~ and hand-drew them? And you added embroidery too? You know... there is a word for quilters like you... Overachiever! :)

    I love both quilts ~ the zigzag latest is a gorgeous "happy quilt"! I can see why it would become your new favorite!

    Thank you for sharing your quilts and for joining the parade!

  5. Fun to see your first and last quilts!
    I'm making a zigzag in mini this week!

  6. he he.. Oh, it's not THAT bad! The second is definitely an improvement though. ;-) Love it!

    Thanks for joining in the fun- it's great to have ya!

  7. i am in love with the zig zag looks so pretty and those colors are amazing

  8. I do believe you've come a long way!

  9. That's incredible work for a first quilt. It is darling!!! You have a gift!

    I love the zig zag -- I've seen lots of those lately. I must put it on the list.

  10. I loved your first quilt! I'm intimidated by the quilters out there who started out with professional looking quilts. I also LOVE your zig zag quilt. It looks like you've got things figured out!


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