Sunday, July 26, 2009


I didn't do much sewing at all on the weekend. But I did sew some white fabric to each side of these scraps. I left my good camera in Invercargill and I've lent my other one to Renee, so these pics are from my phone!

Pop over here to the cutting edge of ordinary (isn't that the best blog name ever?) and look at this receipe for Apple pie... I just have to try this. Thanks Lisa, did I need another addiction??


  1. Thanks for link and kind words Deb! It is great pie, the crust is really flaky and the apples are almost strudel like. Mine was done at 2 1/2 hrs, so start checking then.

  2. You had good reason for not sewing this weekend. You were taking in the beauty! I love that her apple pie dish says indulge...indulge...indulge. haha


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